Clever wheel and tyre solutions for trailers and caravans

A total supply solution approach driving excellent delivery performance and great service with focus on the customer’s business

At STARCO, we promise to deliver and take pride in exceeding customer expectations. This means shipping small batches or wrapping differently, if that is valuable to our customer.

We adjust to specific customer requirements and seasonality. Together with our customers, we strive to forecast for more efficient deliveries; however, our flexibility is evident when servicing customers in a responsive and responsible way.
Our dedicated Trailer & Caravan Centre serves trailer and caravan manufacturers across Europe with fitting, administration and general services

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Tyre labeling and user friendly marking

STARCO complies with 2012 ECE regulations and provides clear tyre labelling for all high speed wheel solutions. The label has 3 tyre performance recommendations: Fuel Efficiency, Wet Grip and Exterior Noise Level.

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The enhanced sidewall information field on selected STARCO high speed tyres implemented in 2015, is a great success amongst both manufacturers and service providers.
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The Trailer & Caravan segment in brief

  • Applications: Trailers, touring caravans, static caravans
  • Customers: We supply all leading manufacturers in all applications across Europe.
  • Wheels: Steel wheels manufactured in-house, in our own STARCO factories.
  • Tyres: STARCO branded or the premium GT brand exclusively distributed by STARCO.
  • Key market: Europe. Market leading in the UK, Benelux and Germany.

Shaun Jones

Segment Director, Trailer and Caravan

Call STARCO +44 7572903812
United Kingdom

Shaun Jones has been selling wheels & tyres for more than 25 years – nearly 20 years at STARCO - primarily with original equipment manufacturers, specialising in the high speed trailer and caravan sector.

Shaun is responsible for maintaining and growing STARCO’s largest segment, Trailer & Caravan, across Europe.