General terms of delivery 01. Jan. 2017

  1. General
    Offers that do not contain a validity date / validity period are not binding. Use and risk shall pass to the purchaser upon the departure of the delivery ex works. The delivery is EXW, at the expense and risk of the customer. Insurances against damages of all kinds are to be demanded by the purchaser and the resulting costs are at the expense of the customer The resale of goods delivered by us abroad requires our express written consent. In the event of an infringement, the purchaser is liable for any damages resulting therefrom.

  2. Technical documentation
    We reserve the right of ownership and copyrights to all technical documents. These may not be copied, reproduced, or disclosed to third parties in any way, neither for the production of the work nor of the production of any components. They may be used for maintenance and operation. Documents concerning offers which do not lead to an order are to be returned to us on request.

  3. Prices / Payment
    Our prices are - unless otherwise agreed - net, ex works, without packaging, plus VAT. From 30 days after the invoice date, we charge a default interest of 0.5% per month. We reserve the right to adjust prices between the date of the offer and the contractual fulfillment if the wage rates or the material prices, in particular the prices of our tire suppliers, change.

  4. Retention of title
    The goods delivered by us remain the property of STARCO GS AG until complete payment. The customer commits to cooperate in measures necessary to protect our property.

  5. Delivery time
    The delivery period begins as soon as the contract has been concluded and all information and specifications regarding the scope, production and execution of the delivery are adjusted.

    The delivery period is extended appropriately:

    1. In case of subsequent modification of the order;
    2. in case of unforeseen obstacles such as force majeure, operational disturbances, etc.
    3. in the case of delivery delays by our suppliers, manufacture of the tire and rim manufacturers in particular
    4. in the event of non-compliance with the contractual obligations, in particular of the agreed payment terms, by the customer.  

    The purchaser is not be entitled to damages or dissolution of the contract due to delays in delivery.

  6. Installation
    The assembly of the tires is not included in the price. The assembly is only carried out if the tires and the wheels / rims can be installed on our business premises on a wheel / rim or tire sold by STARCO GS AG. The assembly of tires and / or GS products is not remunerated. Any valves or hoses used are to be paid by the customer. Other assembly work is not included.

  7. Warranty
    We provide two years of Bing-In warranty on the parts delivered by us. During the guarantee period, we commit to repair or replace as soon as possible, at our choice, all parts which are demonstrable or unusable as a result of bad material, faulty design or defective design. Replaced parts become our property. Warranty work may only be carried out by the client at our prior, express written approval. Any further claim by the customer due to a defective delivery, in particular a claim to damages and dissolution of the contract, is excluded. The warranty does not cover damage caused by natural wear and tear, assembly defects, faulty maintenance, assembly work not carried out by us, improper storage and other reasons which we are not responsible for. The client is to refrain from storingour products on or near manure pits and manure sticks. We do not accept any warranty whatsoever resulting from improper storage, especially near and on mud pits and manure sticks. We purchase the tires and hoses from the tire manufacturers indicated and they are made from the very best raw materials. In the event of any defect in the tire, we will endeavor to remedy it within the scope of the warranty granted to us by the tire manufacturer.

  8. Liability
    We strive to perform the delivery contractually and fulfill our guarantee obligation. Any further liability towards the customer and the consumer for any damages is excluded.

  9. Jurisdiction / Applicable law
    Court of jurisdiction is Subingen SO. We, however, also have the right to prosecute the customer at his domicile. The legal relationship is governed by Swiss law.