Wheel solutions developed and tested in the tough conditions of the Swiss alpine

We have gathered our bestsellers in Switzerland below.

If you are looking for other special wheel and tyre solutions or have question, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also read more about STARCO’s various wheel solutions for various application at the corporate site.

STARCO Clamp System

STARCO’s patented clamp system for mounting dual wheels

  • MD plus clamps securely mount dual wheels
  • Easy to adjust clamp tension when mounted
  • High performance with inbuilt reliability

Clamps for tool carriers, utility vehicles and light trucks

  • Mountain tractors
  • Increased traction - improved vehicle performance and economy
  • Reduced ground pressure - go further - conserve soil structure
  • Improved stability - run safely on steep slopes
  • Extended vehicle capabilities - get more out your investment
  • Quick and easy fitment - save time and money
  • “Plus” clamps - for quicker and easier adjustment of clamping tension
  • TÜV certified

STARCO Klimmfix

KlimmFix configuration to suit every mower application

  • Use KlimmFix alongside your existing pneumatic tyre for incline stability
  • Mounted using SOK system for ease of removal when the job is done
  • Use KlimmFix directly on your mower as a replacement for the pneumatic for maximum traction and minimum slip
  • Modular use – 1, 2 or 3 units can be bolted together to fi t your needs


Unique spacer ring for mounting dual wheels

  • Optimised diameter - Improved fi tment within defi ned rim range
  • Perfectly fits TW rims
  • Range - 30, 34, 36, 42 and now 46” diameter
  • Emc² spacer rings are calibrated 2 times to ensure they are they are accurately round
  • Roundness is key to the spacer fi tting correctly into the tractor wheel
  • Precise fi t allows the dual to transfer the drive torque effi ciently, often need fewer clamps than comparable competitor systems
  • The Emc² stop lug helps to align dual wheel parallel to the tractor wheel making mounting of the duals even easier
  • The stop lug also ensures simple demounting of the duals by preventing the spacer ring jamming in the tractor wheel