High quality steel wheels

We excel in low volume production of agricultural wheels and fast changeovers on our production lines. This allows us to offer our customers high flexibility and short lead times. Even if you may have a low volume requirement, the quality we deliver is as high as OE standard. All wheels are painted with our unique e-coat for high quality durable finish. 

STARCO has manufacturing entities in the UK, Croatia, Sri Lanka and a joint venture in China. In 2015, STARCO moved its specialised wheel manufacturing from a small factory in Switzerland, to its ISO 9001 and 14001 certified Croatian manufacturing centre in Beli Manastir. Today, the majority of STARCO manufactured wheels sold in Switzerland are made at our Croatian steel wheel factory. The motivation for this transfer was the ability to generate more capacity and to fully utilise its staff of over 200 employees in Croatia. This change has allowed STARCO to actively and significantly develop wheel solutions with specialist expertise.

The factory in specialised in spun and pressed wheel production and makes various wheels – both for mowers, trailers and large agricultural vehicles. The specifications differ, but same for all are the high quality due to our unique e-coat technology and quality standards that meets OEM standard.

We excel in low volume production and fast changeovers in the production lines. Where our competitors take hours to change over a production line, our steel wheel production line for the spun wheels can change from one product to another in less than 20 minutes – for instance between a 20” and 54” wheel.

Besides have a flexible set-up for low volume production of steel wheels, we also play a key roles as supplier of high volume products with a scalable and lean setup. STARCO is the only manufacturer of pressed wheels with e-coat technology.