Unique dual wheels made for Swiss conditions and customers

High quality dual wheel solutions mounted with STARCO’s patented clamp system for simple and safe use. Always manufactured using our unique e-coat technology for corrosion-resistant steel wheels.


STARCO Dual Wheels are complete wheel solutions ready for mounting. The wheels are finished with the e-coat and powder topcoat technology for high quality durable finish. It’s the same finish we use for our supply to Original Equipment Manufacturers – providing you with the best quality on the market.

Besides the best quality, we offer a patented system for mounting and proven spacer technology. The latest development is the standard range of dual wheels. Here the integrated Emc2 spacer duals have been developed to cover 46”. These duals are calibrated twice to ensure a positive and accurate fit for maximum power transfer and reliability. The Emc2 range is the latest evolution within the dual system from STARCO, which has developed, manufactured and supplied duals for over 45 years.

Of course we have our unique stepped spacer duals, used primarily in our Swiss market are manufactured from a single, spun formed ring. This provides a very robust, simple and durable dual wheel, suitable for both low and high horsepower applications.

In the video you see how easily duals can be mounted – in fact one person can do it safely alone.

Watch the Dual Wheel video

Specialised vehicles

Dual Wheel is one of three solution types in STARCO’s segment focusing on wheels for Specialised Vehicles. Made-to-Measure is the second element of the segment, which offers customised agricultural 20-54” wheels. Hi-Tech is the last part of the segment and concerns itself with very specific, unique OE applications such as fire trucks for airports and ultra-high capacity load carriers.

All wheel solutions in the Specialised Vehicle segment are characterised by the customers’ need for flexible manufacturing, extremely high-quality, possibility for low volume orders, and extensive engineering competences in-house.