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In STARCO Switzerland we are dual and made to measure (MTM) wheel specialists. The first STARCO patented system was developed and tested 45 years ago in our tough Swiss alpine conditions. Our products have continued to develop and evolve. For instance our dual wheels are now treated with our unique e-coat nano technology for corrosion-resistant wheels; our patented clamp system for mounting dual wheels; and spiked mower wheel for traction even on the steepest mountain inclines. Our Swiss STARCO team proudly services the farming community with specialist knowhow of machines and dual wheels.

STARCO Switzerland is a subsidiary of the international, family owned STARCO that is a strong partner in tyre and wheel solutions for various applications - from the smallest wheelbarrow tyre to the largest agricultural or industrial wheels. We are more than 550 colleagues represented across Europe and Asia and with manufacturing sites in China, Sri Lanka, Croatia and the UK. Read more about STARCO at the corporate website.

Dual wheels

The patented STARCO dual system, originally developed in Switzerland, is a high-end technical solution to the challenges of fitting dual wheels. This industry leading dual wheel systems is primarily for Agricultural and industrial applications .

STARCO is able to offer a dual wheel to fit most vehicles. Duals can be required for traction, stability or the need to reduce soil compaction.

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Is it in the looks?

Mirroring what the automotive industry did several years ago, today the standard wheels for touring caravans are alloys. The reason is purely cosmetic – or is it?

Meet us at Demopark 2017 at our home turf

On 11–13 June, a German airport will be shutting down to make room for Europe’s largest open-air exhibition in the green sector. STARCO will be one of more than 400 exhibitors and will present their development and manufacturing capabilities at their 100-m2 stand, as well as displaying complete wheel solutions, such as those for professional mowers, loaders, compact tractors and single axle tractors.

Five good reasons to switch to triple-wheels

Several years of development and field testing with customers have given Skodborg Dækservice a unique knowledge of using dual wheels. In addition to demonstrating a 20% lower field pressure, there are several other advantages. “Now it’s just a matter of communicating the advantages and changing habits,” says dual wheels expert, Felix Ratgen, who uses STARCO’s patented dual wheel system.

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STARCO Wheel production

With our own wheel production plants, we can match almost any requirement you may have.

STARCO Dual wheel system


High quality processes make high quality products


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